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We are a worldwide distribution company dedicated to bringing the world’s best beef to your table.

After long and successful careers in the culinary and restaurant business, our team decided to take on a new opportunity so that we could bring the best meat products in the world to you. At Argentina Beef Co., our goal is to provide top of the line cuts to accentuate the enjoyment of your culinary experience.

All of our products are classified under the Argentinian typification as Jl; this category is equivalently classified as Prime in the U.S. market. All meats come from 100% Angus breed, fed only natural pasture and antibiotic/hormone free. Our steer weigh up to 450 kg 992 lbs.) at the moment of slaughter.

We are a company with vast experience in the meat industry, both in the United States and Argentina.

Our product is inspected by our team of experts in Argentina. The stringent health and quality measures controlled by the USDA (USA) and SENASA (Argentina) guarantee the highest quality of beef. At Argentina Beef Co., our mission is to import and distribute the highest Prime quality to all of our clients.

The best Argentine Beef is now in America. At the beginning of the 21st century, the U.S. market closed the doors to the importation of Argentine meat. The U.S. began negotiations in the past few years and since December 2018, the possibility of Argentine beef returning to the U.S. market is already a reality.

Why Argentian Beef is the Best in the World

Our meat / Nuestras carnes

Our region in ideal to the fattening with grass of animals because the land possesses a great agricultural and forage potential and it produces excellent meadows as: alfalfa, summer and winter forages and generates its own forage reserves : corn, rollo, silo; they are used in the re-breeding and fattening, like this we get high daily profits that allow being enough to the wight of harvest with young animals, and this weight is translated in the final product softness.


This cut is obtained from the quadril and from this the biceps femoral muscle is removed

Este corte es obtenido del cuadril y a partir de éste se retira el músculo bíceps femoral


It is located in the sublumbar region, is conical, elongated and flattened from top to bottom. It limits towards dorsal with the narrow bifes and towards caudal with the cuadril.

Está ubicado en la región sublumbar, es de forma cónica, alargada y aplanada de arriba hacia abajo. Limita hacia dorsal con los bifes angostos y hacia caudal con el cuadril.

Bife ancho

This cut is located in the dorsal region. Limit towards cranial with the needle, towards caudal with the narrow bifes and towards ventral with the portion corresponding to the roast.

Este corte está ubicado en la región dorsal. Limita hacia craneal con la aguja, hacia caudal con los bifes angostos y hacia ventral con la porción correspondiente al asado.

Bife angosto

From the narrow steak 3-4 ribs with cord, the cord corresponding to the portion of the long sack is extracted. The long, spinal, dorsal spinal and dorsal multifidus constitute its muscular conformation.

A partir del bife angosto 3-4 costillas con cordón se extrae el cordón correspondiente a la porción del costal largo. El dorsal largo, el espinal, espinal dorsal y multífido dorsal constituyen su conformación muscular.

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